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17 - 27 Bankin Street
Katandra West, Vic, 3634

T: (03) 5828 - 3350
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About Us

Katandra West Primary School is located in the Goulburn Valley Irrigation area 25 kms from Shepparton. The school aims to offer children access to quality education which will maximise their potential for the future.

School Council believes that the success of each child is the result of a partnership between students, staff, parents and local community. Therefore this school is committed to providing appropriate and challenging learning experiences that support each child in realising his or her potential.

This school provides a comprehensive curriculum which includes sound organisational structure, whole school planning and systematic approach to evaluation and development. The school enjoys a strong parental commitment and values the involvement of parents in supporting School Council and committees, curriculum programs and fundraising. The school believes in effective communication between parents and school, to form a partnership which ensures that as a team we can build on the positive ways that we care for the children.

The school aims to provide a happy, safe, stimulating environment and is structured around basic assumptions:

  • Children are individuals and develop at their own rate, in order to reach their maximum potential.
  • Children learn best through challenging first hand experiences, and by their natures must be actively involved in the learning process.
  • The more stimulating the educational environment the greater the motivation for learning.
  • Parents and community members can contribute much to the educational process.
  • Children will develop an acceptance of differences and co-operation, with concern for others.
  • Learning outcomes will be improved through staff undertaking professional development.
  • Learning, behaviour and health will be maximised in a co-operative environment where students can share the responsibility. 

Our school offers specialist facilities including Art, Library, Music and Science. All children have access to classroom computers as well as the Internet and these facilities are used in teaching and learning at our school.

Teachers at our school are very committed and are constantly learning and growing. Our school shows children a caring community by working together and supporting and respecting one another. Together we strive to reach consensus on important issues that affect us and the children we teach.

Katandra West Primary School provides excellent sequential Camps and Excursion program throughout the school as well as an intensive swimming program and our Bike Education and Traffic Safety Program for the whole school.

The atmosphere at our school is informal, friendly and caring. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in school activities with teachers to develop positive educational learning outcomes for children. We have a school uniform which is compulsory for children to wear, and we promote a positive school image in the community.

The well-maintained school facilities reflect the community's strong support. The main building which has been recently refurbished includes classrooms, a modern well-stocked library, a computer lab of 26 computers and administration facilities. We have a New Building completed last year where our Specialist classes are held and the Old School Building which is maintained by our School Council and is used as a Multi-purpose Room. The magnificent grounds are continually being maintained and improved.


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